Thoughtniques offers the flexibility to engage with our client's needs in a manner that is supported by a robust delivery model, deep architectural expertise and best-in-class technology capabilities, our IT services enable enterprises to drive business innovations, operational excellence and better customer experience.

            Our services division provide the best in class robust applications and software platforms that would meet your specific business requirements helping you adapt to the rapidly changing business needs and ensure a rapid time to market and improved quality.

Commercial Software Development , Custom Application Development , Mobile Application Development, Cloud Application Development

Also we cater solutions to different public and private sectors those include :

Brainfeed is an Educational Magazine which has tens of thousands of subscriptions in India, Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai.

Thoughtniques providing solutions to Brainfeed as bellow.

  • Cloud Based Platform Development for Brainfeed.
  • Device Independent Hybrid Applications.
  • Building role and access based ecosystem.
  • Work flow management.
  • Content Management in Cloud (Search, Manage, relate, hundreds of thousands of Images, Videos and Documents)
  • Upgrading their existing portals to incorporate Data Analytics.